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Nesting Table Brush Set
Nesting Table Brush Set

Nesting Table Brush Set

Iris Hantverk
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This little helper is perfect for sweeping up crumbs. The contemporary design sits as nicely on the kitchen worktop as on your dining table and ages beautifully.

​​These wire-drawn brushes are hand made by visually-impaired craftsman for Swedish brand Iris Hantverk. Each bristle bundle is held in place by a continuous wire that is “drawn” through the holes drilled into the brush handle. The result is a compact, versatile, and sturdily-constructed everyday brush.

Maker: Iris Hantverk
Designer: Lovisa Wattman
Year: 2003
Material: Birch wood and horse hair
Dimensions: W3 x D27 x H5,5 cm
Origin: Sweden
Note: The wood is oil treated. Be careful in the beginning not to put it on porous surfaces to avoid oil stains.
After use: Clean the brush by shaking it. If the bristle has lost its shape, wet in lukewarm water and reshape whilst damp. Shake off excess water and hang the brush to dry. Clean the wood with a damp cloth. Wipe dry. Usually the wood stands well for many years of use without treatment. If needed apply food grade oil or neutral cooking oil. Use a cloth, and be careful not to get oil on the bristle.