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Fragrance Forest Riot
Fragrance Forest Riot
Fragrance Forest Riot

Fragrance Forest Riot

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A personal favourite!

Imagine yourself constantly surrounded by forest with this fragrance.

This scent is pure forest. The scent is fresh, very green, and energetic. The scent is full of life, the future, and the power of nature.

Top notes: Pine needles
Heart notes: Siberian fir, juniper
Base notes: Black spruce

The fragrance contains the signature Hetkinen pine oil, which is used in other Hetkinen products as well. The fragrance consists of 100% natural oils, absolutes, fragrance components, and organic alcohol. The fragrance is unisex, and it adapts to peoples own personal scent and on each skin/garment.

Maker: Hetkinen
Material: Jar made of recyclable PET
Ingredients: ethanol, pinus sylvestris oil, pinus sylvestris extract, picea exelsa, abies sibirica oil, juniperus communis oil, picea mariana oil, picea mariana extract, parfum (potential allergens): limonene, linalool, citral
Dimensions: 30 ml
Origin: Finland
Note: No preservatives, synthetics, colour