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Bath Tub Brush - Iris Hantverk | Shortlist store Ghent Belgium

Bath Tub Brush

Iris Hantverk
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The only thing better than settling into a nice hot bath with all of the necessary accessories (candles, book, glass of water / wine / whiskey, depending on the demands of the day) is doing so in a tub that you know is sparkly clean. With its delicately curved, powerfully scrubbing bristles and perfectly-grippable long handle, this brush is designed to reach and scrub all parts of your tub. A little soap, even less elbow grease, and your tub is ready for relaxation.

This oiled maple wooden bath brush with sturdy, all natural tampico fibre is an excellent example of the Scandinavian ideal of beautiful, everyday objects. It's designed with both beauty and utility in mind. 

For over a hundred years, Swedish brand Iris Hantverk has employed visually-impaired craftsman to handcraft wire-drawn brushes using traditional methods. Each bristle bundle is held in place by a continuous wire that is drawn through the holes drilled into the brush handle. So no glue is needed. The result is a compact, versatile, and sturdily-constructed everyday brush.

Maker: Iris Hantverk
Material: Oil treated maple wood, tampico fibre
Dimensions: D12 x H20 cm
Origin: Sweden