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Chopstick Rest Crystal
Chopstick Rest Crystal

Chopstick Rest Crystal

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This set of 3 brass chopstick rests was designed with the theme of "light". Their polygonal shape creates an interesting play of light and shadow. And to avoid the separate pieces getting misplaced, they can be stored nicely together in a wooden case as a little piece of art. They're crafted in one of Japan's oldest metal foundries, Futagami. Because they are made of solid brass they will gradually change color over time due to oxidation and create a rich patina.

These brass chopstick rests will stand the test of time. Enjoy them for many years to come.

Designer: Oji Masanori
Maker: Futagami
Year: 2010
Material: Brass
Dimensions: W4,5 x L2,4 x H1,2 cm
Origin: Japan
Note: Set of 3