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Ganbei Bottle Opener
Ganbei Bottle Opener
image courtesy of Office for Product Design

Ganbei Bottle Opener

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Visitors of the shop often wonder what this object is. It can easily be mistaken for a large pebble at first sight. And sure, with its hefty weight it can double as a paperweight. But apart from being a conversation starter, it's a fully functioning bottle opener. It's called Ganbei, which literally means "Cheers!" in both Chinese and Japanese. It is made of a rough zinc alloy with a special matte finish giving it a unique stone-like appearance. The steel-reinforced circular opening at the bottom features an innovative 360-degree design that can open bottles from any angle without the need for alignment.

In 2015 the haptically and visually enticing Ganbei bottle opener won a Red Dot Pruduct Design award for its emotional appeal and unique design approach.


Designer: Nicol Boyd and Tomas Rosén / Office for Product Design
Maker: No.30
Material: Zinc alloy, stainless steel
Dimensions: D6,6 × H2,2 cm
Origin: Taiwan