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Tenugui towel OH-GIKU

Tenugui towel OH-GIKU

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This "tenugui" is a classic hand-dyed Japanese cloth made from light cotton. Tenugui are multipurpose towels that are traditionally used as functional everyday housewares such as a table runners, lunch box wrappers, hair ties or hand towels. Due to its versatility it is often presented as a gift. This specific design is inspired by chrysanthemum flowers.

Kamawanu creates tenugui using the "chusen" hand-dyeing technique, which dates back to the Meiji Period (1868-1912). From cutting out a stencil by hand to applying the dye multiple times, each step in this amazing art form requires precision and care.

Maker: Kamawanu
Material: 100% cotton
Dimensions: W90 x H33 cm
Origin: Japan
Hand-wash separately and do not leave to soak.
As each item is hand-dyed, there may be some loss of colour due to rubbing.