Gift guide to literally everyone

Secret Santa. Your neighbour. Your somebody-in-law. Your sweet kiddo's briliant teacher. Your favourite nurse. Martine Tanghe. The world is full of people that you want to show your appreciation and affection for but who you might not quite exactly know well enough to ascertain what they really really want. For all of those people, there are these. 

For some more specific direction, let's begin with what you know about the person:
If they like things that smell good: A lovely candle that smells like a Finnish smoke sauna.

hetkinen smoke sauna veggie candle Shortlist Ghent Belgium

If they have hands: A Pine-peppermint or Eucalyptus Lemon salt soap set to wash them.

hetkinen salt soap set shortlist ghent belgium

If they washed those hands a little too much: A nourishing Birch-Peppermint hand balm.

hetkinen birch peppermint hand balm shortlist ghent beligum
If they own a table: The cutest handmade Swedish table brush.

iris hantverk nesting table brush set shortlist ghent belgium christmas

If they drink water, coffee or tea: A Japanese drinking bottle.

Travel Tumbler Black Shortlist Ghent Belgium

If they are an engineer, architect or designer: A German messograf ballpoint pen.

cleo skribent messograf ballpoint pen shortlist ghent belgium

If they are a kid: A carved wooden animal from Japan.

T-lab wooden animal panda donkey camel polar bear alpaca shortlist Gent Belgium

If they love taking baths: A bathtub cleaning brush or bath powder that smells like Finnish forests. (coming soon)

hetkinen forest bath powder shortlist ghent belgium christmas

If they have keys: A stylish keyring.

craighill wilson keyring black shortlist ghent belgium


If you think they should slow a bit down in life: The MONOCLE Book of Gentle Living

monocle guide gentle living gestalten shortlist ghent belgium christmas

If they live in a house: A Monk's Guide to a clean House and Mind.

a monk's guide to a clean house and mind shortlist ghent belgium christmas

If they really could use some good advice from a friendly creature: A Sloth's Guide to Mindfulnes.

a sloth's guide to mindfulnes shortlist ghent belgium christmas

If they own too much stuff already: Goodbye, things.

goodbye things book shortlist ghent belgium

Did we miss anyone? If you're still not 100% sure what to get that mysterious someone, a Shortlist gift card is always in style.

gift voucher shortlist ghent belgium